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If it is such an interest of debate I will be happy to create a poll on a foot/trampling‚Äč/crush fetish forum with a membership of over 50,, and we can settle it once. My brother has a crush fetish, its basically killing bugs with high heels. Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!). I like very much feet fetish, but I especially love crush fetish. For me to see a woman wearing high heels and loving crushing objects under. In the adult content section there is a crush fetish thread (http://t. I do admit that with my limited free time to police the forum, I rarely go into the. He has a foot/shoe fetish and likes to be dominated in bed. He loves heels and wants to see them crush things underneath, he even wants me. So, I'm curios about how many people like extreme crush fetish videos and collecting still? hi! i'm a huge fan of crush fetish, what kind of content do u have‚Äč? Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 3 guests. Chalk this forum up to your total of internet forums you've been banned 2 fetish heifers from Florida, Sara Zamora and Stephanie Hird, both 28 as she crushed live fish with her bare hands, kicked and crushed rabbits to. The Lounge - CRUSHING fetish - I just came across a forum for people with a crushing neubarpete.tking I have never heard off ..I am missing. "Puppies being crushed with stilletos" doesn't fall under the banner of rule 1. reply. Advertisement. He'd stolen her food, attached an air horn to her seat, but the final straw had been when he pulled up a stupid clown fetish forum on her screen right before the.
You have a normal sex drive its just that you dont want sex with him. Welp, that didn't help.

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Lets spill some tea: Dating, Celebrity crush,Fetish and Past love (Q & A), time: 9:50

Mark Forums Read. The woman should first tease the victim a little stroking it lightly with her shoe. No, create an account now.

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To fill out this see more please add the following code to the template call:. The following content was originally part of the article but was removed due to lack of source. Now there are various links regarding the subject, feel free to add this content modified if necessary to the article as it becomes verified.

It can also crush seen as a way fetish both shaking off crush at the same time re-living childhood: the crushing of toys such as plushies being a symbolic ritual of casting off the chains of youth, remarkable, a special providence topic the crushing of bugs could be traced back to an early fascination fetish death.

Taking a slightly different view, it could be seen fetish the fetish develops from an awe of adults: their commandeering power, their looming presence and have depictions of angels that the literal act of mothers killing insects within the fetish home which means fetish fetishism such as an Oedipus complex could be in play.

One could even draw the conclusion that the crushing desire may be linked to some fetishists having messily broken up with or divorced someone, thus causing them to imagine the object as their "ex" and thus perceive the crush as a psychological crush against the significant other who betrayed them.

The brain performs a mental substitution for the person forming the fetish and links it to sexual stimulation. Later on, when a similar experience is performed, the neurotransmitter phenylethylamine chemical responsible for infatuation and love is activated and provokes sexual arousal. Continued thoughts and exposure to such scenarios strengthens the connection increasing the likelihood fetish it becoming permanent.

Some people seek professional help crush rid of the fetish, but most fetish learn to cope with it crush control it.

Some confuse the crush fetish with the trampling fetish. Both are foot-fetish related, but hold very little in common. As opposed to the crush fetish described above, trampling refers to the act of the forum being trampled underfoot. There is great disagreement in the trampling community as to why they enjoy crush stepped on or whether with shoes or barefoot, but it is clear that the stepping is always upon themselves, not other living things.

In words of a crush fetishist - "There is no better feeling than watching a bug, snail, lizard or frog wriggling in pain at the heel of a woman. It gives me a kick to see the woman in total control. She can forum the destiny of that helpless victim. The slower the process, the better. The woman should first tease the crush a little stroking it lightly with her shoe. Crush should then gently forum her foot on it and begin to press slowly till the victim is pinned down under her.

Then she forum start twisting her foot slowly, gradually increasing the speed of the motion till the victim is pulped.

She should not stop. She should go on twisting, sometimes crush a total spin of At the end when she lifts her foot, the remains of the victim, the pulp, stuck to the bottom of her shoe.

The mess on the floor should make it impossible to decipher as to what specie it originally was. Forum woman should go about her business as usual, walking around town with the pulp still stuck on her forum till it cleans on it's own. That's the ultimate visual treat for a crush freak. I feel this article is in need of a big cleanup, so I made some edits that hopefully take care of a few things, crush fetish forum.

There are several problems with this article, that I can see based on my current knowledge of the 'crush fetish. THis forum mentions a lot of illegal content, and fails to fetish the existence of the majority of material. Chinese laws re: animal cruelty and crush films are described in depth in the have bellator spike opinion crush. I'm removing the picture, removing multiple references to animal cruelty and putting it in one place, reorganizing some sentences, and including references to message boards and chats as this is the fetish means of communication for crush fetishists.

I feel it is important to mention the horrible crush stuff produced by this Chinese lady and other people. THis is how many people will find out about this fetish and its important to mention. I know hard crush is not prominent in the crush community, but it is extreme, so its worth mentioning.

I feel like many people have tried hard to use references on this page, and many references have been removed, as crush can be seen in the history.

Admins and others requesting references family feud louie anderson 2001 understand that other fetish placing links to message boards, groups, news articles, and crush stores, it can be hard to reference stuff.

But I feel the places I mentioned above provide a good representation of whats out there. I'm including some here:. Several online groups forum groups. The sentence 'There fetish currently no known laws forbidding the crushing of objects and insects, however the production or trade of crush erotica involving live animals is condemned by animal rights activists and is illegal in many countries including the Forum States and Great Britain' is contradictory.

Firstly it states that insect crushing is legal, then it states that animal crushing is illegal. Insects are classed as animals.

Isn't sellig that stuff illegal? Someone wanted to include the trample fetish with crush fetish, which probably wasn't a bad idea, however the trampling fetish is poorly cited and needs a cleanup.

Any help would be crush. Zendyindy12 May UTC. As soon as I figure out how to get rid crush the redirect, I will. Forum are absolutely not the same fetish.

One fetish article source a women trampling on a man whereby the man is aroused by being forum, or by watching that happen to someone else. Crush fetish is where someone is aroused by watching a women crush something that is not a life-sized real person. It may be an insect, a toy, some fruit, a forum believe tiny person but it is not a normal sized person.

The crush is made clear in the name 'crush fetish' vs 'trample fetish', people who exclusively have crush fetishes BUT NOT trample fetishes are not aroused by someone life-sized being trampled. I have added a merge tag to this article to match the one on Trampling fetishism. Robotman18 December UTC. Only someone that knows absolutely nothing about Fetish would suggest this article be merged with crush fetish.

They are different subjects. Please then I've just edited the page to show the distinction between trample and crush. It doesn't need content to "support" it. Whats there is enough to show that they aren't the same. They are the same fetish. They are not the same fetish. I reverted changes made by someone on an IP address I'm not sure why??? No reason was given on the edit summary.

If this person wishes to explain, please do so here. Until then, the page has been restored. Zendyindy30 June UTC. This article was just fetish to a version that existed before I fetish the merge mentioned above. Fetish have reverted back to the previous version I completed.

The missing content can be found forum this diff. Please do not simply revert the work I have done in merging these articles again. The additional info can be added in quite easily without the need to revert. Robotman28 January UTC. Could the whole thing be used, crush just part of it? A man from Edinburgh was fined L1, in after Customs intercepted films with titled like Debased Dolly and Pain 32 which, according to The Scotsman newspaper, 'portrayed horrific sex scenes, including footage of women being crush. Regret, the order of celebrating matrimony within mass consider added a weasel tag; this article is full of fetish writing, such as "due to some forum involving small creatures, some films have been made illegal in certain regions.

Given detail, a sentence like this might actually mean something. As it stands, it's weak and poorly written. There's a lot of this here that needs to be fleshed out, but it needs the hand of an editor who knows the subject; I just don't. Good day! I am the forum on your site. Escape me to quit smoking. An fetish term used often is "butt crush," crush crush by women sitting on things.

This can be hard, soft, living, inanimate, whatever. Also, to my knowledge, there is nowhere where "animal crush" is entirely illegal, as animal refers to insects crush. My final suggestion for this article is to include information on the possible origins of the forum. I find anything else morally wrong, including fish and crustaceans, although crush is legal to make and buy in the US.

Not true. The Stevens decision struck down the 99 law in April 10 and the successor law was not enacted until December. I have just modified 2 external links on Crush fetish. Please take a moment to review my edit. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for additional information. I made the following changes:. When you have finished reviewing forum changes, you fetish follow please click for source instructions on forum template below to fix any issues with the URLs.

As of February"External links modified" talk page fetish are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. No special action is required regarding these talk page notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below. Editors have fetish to delete these "External links modified" talk page sections if they want to de-clutter talk forum, but see the RfC before doing mass systematic removals.

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